NIHIL OBSTAT Disintegration

NIHIL OBSTAT Disintegration

Исполнитель: NIHIL OBSTAT

Страна: (Колумбия)

Альбом: “Disintegration”

Год издания: 2010

Формат: CD

Стиль: Brutal Death Metal

Издатель: Gormageddon Productions

Цена: 160-00



  1. Inception (An Imitation of Life)
  2. Deconstructive Theory
  3. Monolith of Life (Confinement of the Flesh)
  4. Disintegration (Chronic Biological Disfunction)
  5. Threshold
  6. Turbulence of Primary Forces
  7. Unleash the Anger
  8. Misanthropic Dysfunction
  9. Vexated Syndrome (Nature of the Matter)
  10. Irrationality
  11. Of Equations and Things (T.D.E.B.C.S.)
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