STONER TRAIN Hobo From The Outer Space

STONER TRAIN Hobo From The Outer Space

Исполнитель: STONER TRAIN

Страна: (Россия)

Альбом: “Hobo From The Outer Space”

Год издания: 2012

Формат: CD

Стиль: Stoner

Издатель: FireStorm Production

Цена: 160-00



1          Cannibal Hobo

2          My Truck

3          Dogs From The Outer Space

4          Rusty Beard And His Crew

5          Land Of The Unheard Song

6          Dancing On The Grave

7          Coelophysis Struthiomimus

8          Tractor Driver Fred

9          Frozen Booty Jam

10        I’m Going To Jail

11        Hobo Way

12        Wasteland Blues

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