KHORS Winter Stronghold



“Winter Stronghold”


Eclectic Productions

Цена: 300-00

1. Intro
2. Garnet
3. In the Depths of Black Hills
4. Winterfall
5. Ashes
6. Moan of the Grief
7. Mysticism
8. Cold
9. Through the Rays of Fading Moon…
10. Raven’s Dance
11. Outro (Milk of Heavens)
12. Trees Are Remembers…

EMPEROR “Emperial Live Ceremony”



“Emperial Live Ceremony”

Candlelight Records

Цена: 400-00



1             Intro

2             Curse You All Men!

3             Thus Spake The Nightspirit

4             I Am The Black Wizards

5             An Elegy Of Icaros

6             With Strength I Burn

7             Sworn

8             Night Of The Graveless Souls

9             Inno A Satana

10           Ye Entrancemperium

11           The Loss And Curse Of Reverence (Video)

Special DVD Features

12           Discography & Weblinks

13           Photo Gallery

NIGHTWISH “From Wishes To Eternity – Live”



“From Wishes To Eternity – Live”

Spinefarm Records

Цена: 400-00


1             The Kinslayer

2             She Is My Sin

3             Deep Silent Complete

4             The Pharaoh Sails To Orion

5             Come Cover Me

6             Wanderlust

7             Instrumental (Crimson Tide/Deep Blue Sea)

8             Swanheart

9             Elvenpath

10           Fantasmic Part 3

11           Dead Boy’s Poem

12           Sacrament Of Wilderness

13           Walking In The Air

14           Beauty And The Beast

15           Wishmaster

Special DVD Features

16           Interviews With Tarja & Tuomas

17           Off-stage Footage

18           Two Music Vidoes (“The Carpenter”, “Sleeping Sun”) And Two Live Videos (“The Kinslayer”, “Walking In The Air”)

19           Photogallery

20           Discography

ROCK S’COOL III A Spanking Good Clip Collection


ROCK S’COOL III “A Spanking Good Clip Collection”


Цена:  600-00

Содержание DVD:

1             –Whitesnake    Lay Down Your Love

2             –Type O Negative           September Sun

3             –Iced Earth        Ten Thousand Strong

4             –Saxon I’ve Got To Rock (To Stay Alive)

5             –Helloween       As Long As I Fall

6             –Kamelot            Rule The World

7             –Moonspell       Scorpion Flower

8             –Skinny Puppy Haze

9             –Kreator             Phobia

10           –Gamma Ray    Into The Storm

11           –Hatesphere     Floating

12           –Engel (4)           Next Closed Door

13           –Saxon If I Was You

14           –Rhapsody         Magic Of The Wizard’s Dream

15           –Moonspell       Luna

16           –Sepultura         Ostia

17           –Amplifier (3)   Neon

18           –Engel (4)           Casket Closing

19           –Rollins Band    Your Number Is One

20           –Saxon Lionheart

21           –Zebrahead       Postcards From Hell

22           –Riverside          Panic Room

23           –Symphony X   Serpent’s Kiss

24           –Unleashed       Black Horizon





Anniversary Live In Worcester,

MA April 28, 2007

2 DVD set

Metal Blade Records

Цена: 800-00



Beyond The Embrace    Plague

Beyond The Embrace    Insect Song

Hallows Eve       Speed Freak

Demiricous         Never Enough Road

Demiricous         Matador

Since The Flood               At The End

Since The Flood               Laid To Rest

Shai Hulud          A Profound Hatred Of Man

3 Monster

3             Amazed Disgrace

Goatwhore        Alchemy Of The Black Cult

Goatwhore        In The Narrow Confines Of Defilement

Impious               Putrified By Fire

Impious               Wicked Saints

God Dethroned               Villa Vampiria

God Dethroned               The Warcult

Lizzy Borden      Notorious

Lizzy Borden      Psychopath

Job For A Cowboy           Embedded

Job For A Cowboy           Altered From Catechization

The Red Chord Black Santa

The Red Chord Antman

The Black Dahlia Murder              Contagion

The Black Dahlia Murder              When The Last Grave Has Emptied

Cannibal Corpse              Unleashing The Bloodthirsty

Cannibal Corpse              Murder Worship

Unearth              Giles

Unearth              The Great Dividers

No Artist             Back Stage Footage And Interviews

Unearth              Sanctity Of Brothers


Amon Amarth   Cry Of The Blackbirds

Six Feet Under Ghosts Of The Undead

Job For A Cowboy           Embedded

Goatwhore        Forever Consumed Oblivion

As I Lay Dying    Nothing Left

The Black Dahlia Murder              What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse

The Red Chord Dread Prevailed

Evergreen Terrace          Chaney Can’t Quite Riff Like Helmet’s Page Hamilton

Unearth              This Glorious Nightmare

Six Feet Under Doomsday

3             All That Remains

Autumn               Satellites

REACTOR Live In Empty Shell

Reactor DVD


“Live In Empty Shell”


Nocturnus Records

Цена: 250-00


  1. Intro
  2. Zvezdnoe nebo 2.0
  3. Rats
  4. Bishops Dog
  5. GaZtrupa
  6. NERJ
  7. I Go To Kill
  8. Empty Shell
  9. Never Been Over]
  10. Just Little…
  11. Control
  12. Killed And Cremated
  13. Bladerunner





Выступление ветеранов украинского металла в рамках 30-летнего юбилея в культовом зале “Зоря”. Съемка  шестью камерами. Бонус – раннее выступление группы.

THE UNHOLY ALLIANCE. Chapter II – Preaching To Perverted



Chapter II – Preaching To Perverted.

(Slayer, Lamb Of God, Mastodon, Children Of Bodom, Thine Eyes Bleed )


Цена: 600-00

Thine Eyes Bleed     –        Dark White

Children Of Bodom    –    Angels Don’t Kill

Children Of Bodom    –    In Your Face

Mastodon    –      Capillarian Crest

Mastodon     –     Crystal Skull

Mastodon     –     Blood And Thunder

Lamb Of God   –  Vigil

Slayer –  South Of Heaven

Slayer  – Silent Scream

Slayer  – Blood Red

Slayer  – Cult

Slayer –  Chemical Warfare

Slayer  – Eyes Of The Insane

Slayer –  Dead Skin Mask

Slayer –  Hell Awaits

Slayer –  The Antichrist

Slayer –  Angel Of Death

Slayer  – Behind The Scenes:Parking Lot.

Slayer –  Bonus Interviews

LYNYRD SKYNYRD “Live From Austin tx”

LYNYRD SKYNYRD Live From Austin tx


“Live From Austin tx”

New West Records Austin City Limits

Цена: 600-00

1             Edge Of Forever

2             What’s Your Name

3             That Smell

4-1         Down South Jukin’

4-2         Needle And The Spoon

4-3         Whiskey Rock A Roller

4-4         Swamp Music

4-5         The Ballad Of Curtis Loew

5             Workin’

6             Gimme Three Steps

7             T For Texas

8             Sweet Home Alabama

9             Free Bird

FLOTSAM & JETSAM “Once in a Deathtime”

FLOTSAM & JETSAM Once in a Deathtime


“Once in a Deathtime”

Metal Mind Productions



Содержание диска:


  1. Hammerhead
  2. Me
  3. The Master Sleeps
  4. Swatting at Flies
  5. No Place for Disgrace
  6. Doomsday for the Deceiver
  7. Hard on You
  8. Forkboy (Lard cover)
  9. Never to Reveal
  10. Escape from Within
  11. I Live You Die
  12. Smoked Out


Интервью с музыкантами




Выступление американских трэшеров в польском городе Катовице.

CRADLE OF FILTH “Peace Through Superior Firepower”

CRADLE OF FILTH Peace Through Superior Firepower


“Peace Through Superior Firepower”

Roadrunner Records

Цена: 600-00


Содержание диска:

  1. Gilded Cunt
  2. Nemisis
  3. Mannequin
  4. The Black Goddess Rises
  5. A Gothic Romance
  6. Her Ghost in the Fog
  7. Nymphetamine
  8. Tortured Soul Asylum
  9. The Forest Whispers My Name
  10. The Promise of Fever
  11. Thirteen Autumns and a Widow
  12. Mother of Abominations
  13. From the Cradle to Enslave
  14. Reinforments
  15. Her Ghost in the Fog
  16. No Time to Cry (The Sisters of Mercy cover)
  17. Babylon A.D.
  18. Mannequin
  19. The Promise of Fever
  20. Nymphetamine

– The live show is subdivided into three parts:

* Tracks 1-9: Satyriasis.

* Tracks 10-12: A Bruise Upon the Silent Moon.

* Track 13: Painting Flowers White Never Suited My Palette.

– Track 14: “Reinforments” is a band documentary.

– The documentary is subdivided into two parts:

* I. Postcards from Vulgaria – A Shockumentary (shows the band pranking around while recording).

* II. Virgin on the Stupid (shows them at a signing in Virgin Records).

– Tracks 15-20: “Extra Rounds: Video Propaganda” are music videos.

Thanx: Ra-jambo